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First and last Sam and Freddie scenes

September 8, 2007/January 18, 2014

Seddie | Parallels - [inspired by x]

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all seddie shippers must see this!!!it’s so so so beautiful and perfect and you’ll get a lot of feelings,watch it and tell her (unlimited7loved ) how amazing this is because she doesn’t believe me lol 

pd:it has scenes from the killertunajump episode,so if you were searching for a seddie video with the new scenes,here it is!

 #you can see that he’s smiling

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Love your blog! I've been reading some of your posts about "Seddie" and you seem to share a lot of the same thoughts as me. It really sucks that such an amazing story is in the hands of someone like Dan. His writing is so off the wall that you can't invest into it; and it's a shame because the story of Sam & Freddie could really be something special. But now he just whips it out whenever he needs ratings. I wish he'd just put em' together or give em' closure so the characters can move on.

Thank you so much!

And it really is unfortunate because Dan had some great characters in Sam & Freddie. Their dynamic, in the right hands, could have been a very interesting thing. Unfortunately, Dan is messy and I think a lot of things got in the way of Sam and Freddie’s story being as good as it could have been.

As for moving on…when iGoodbye aired, I wanted seddie to get together or have closure. I wanted something definitive from Dan, but at this point? I don’t really care because I don’t think Dan would do it justice. This last episode of Sam & Cat, though problematic for a lot of reasons, left seddie in a much better place than iGoodbye and I’m content with that (Lest I sound like I’m settling for problematic writing, I mainly feel this way because I don’t expect anything better from Dan, so why hold out hope for that, ya know?) I also don’t actively ship seddie anymore so whether they get back together or not doesn’t really matter to me. Honestly, it’s just nice to know one of my OTPs didn’t end horribly, as I’d originally thought… And for me, that’s kind of closure enough at this point.

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iLost My Mind, iCan’t Take It, and iLove You are on TV right now and I have not seen these episodes in ages, like legit over a year.

But, I’m watching them now.

And I have no idea why.

This is a terrible decision.

You’re perfect for me & more than just a friend
So can we just stop pretending…

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Seddie + in love

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